Dr. Matthew J. Grieshop, Director

Matthew J. Grieshop has worked in the areas of organic and sustainable agriculture for over 20 years. An entomologist by training, he has published over 60 papers and extension/trade articles in the areas of biological, cultural, behavioral, and chemical pest management. Prior to joining Cal Poly, Grieshop served Michigan State University as the Organic Pest Management Specialist where he taught courses in agroecology, pest management, sustainable agriculture, and environmental science and built a nationally recognized research and extension program. Grieshop received his doctorate from Kansas State University, master’s degree from Montana State University, and bachelor’s degree from University of California at Santa Cruz.

Dr. Charlotte Decock, Organic Soil Fertility Specialist

Charlotte Decock has been working in soil fertility for over 12 years with an emphaiss on organic and sustainable agriculture. She earned a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering from Ghent University in Belgium, and a Ph.D. in Soils and Biogeochemistry at the university of California, Davis. Her doctoral research focused on nitrogen cycling and emissions of the potent greenhouse gas nitrous oxide (N2O) from agroecosystems in a changing global environment.  She  led and contributed to projects on the effect of water and nutrient management on soil fertility, nitrate leaching, and greenhouse gas emissions in rice cropping systems in Northern Italy and India. Dr. Decock serves as the Center's lead soil scientist. 

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